Leo Preventive Health Packages
We tend to take health care for granted. In reality, good health is wealth and is much needed for a happy and prosperous life. To ensure that you live a happy life ever after, we have put together a host of routine health check-up plans. Most medical conditions can be managed and treated well if detected at the early stage. The health check up program atLeo hospital aims to promote good health as well as to prevent diseases and disability by facilitating early diagnosis, followed by appropriate treatment. You need not have to have a doctor's prescription to run the routine test. You can choose from our host of health check-up packages that best suit you need.

Master Health Check-Up
These are comprehensive health check-up programs that are designed to provide a general screening of the health status and cover the entire body

Executive Health Check
The professionals who are always on transit mode find it difficult to have some time for health check-ups. To meet the executives' needs , we have the comprehensive Executive Health Check package.

Senior Citizen Check
This package is specially designed for evaluation of the current status of health as well as to detect the common problems associated with this age group.

Diabetes Package (Basic & Executive)
The diabetic needs special care to maintain a healthy living. Periodic testing helps to detect any early signs of complications so as to prevent or delay the progress of problems associated with kidney, eyes, cardiovascular disorders or wounds on your feet.

Comprehensive Cardiac Check
This is the most comprehensive health check offered at LEO. All key investigations for an overall heart check up are included in this program.

Pre - Employment Check
This scheme is suitable for adults of either sex to determine their medical fitness for employment.

Well Women Check
A healthy family depends on a healthy woman. A woman's role in a family is indispensible, which is why ignoring her health would affect the whole family. This program is designed to cater to specific health screening requirement of women.

Preparation for Health Checks
8-10 hours of fasting is required before the day of your health check. Drinking of plain water is permitted during the period of test. Breakfast can be taken once your blood sample has been drawn and after completing USG.The duration of this health check is approximately 3-4 hrs. Once the test results are received you need to consult the doctor. If you are under medication for diabetes is advised, please bring along the medicine. It is preferable that the stool sample is collected and brought in a container, which can be picked up from the clinic, one day prior to the health check. It is advisable to obtain an appointment around day 10-14 of the menstrual cycle.

The Treadmill test takes about 30 minutes. Avoid having a heavy meal before undergoing this test. If you are on heart medication, please inform our staff before the start of the test. If any medication need to be stopped before the test, appointment can be rescheduled for another day after your health check.

The duration is approximately 15-20 minutes. The Urinary bladder needs to be full before the test can be performed. One may be given plenty of water to drink. The gel used during the test will not stain and can be wiped off easily. Fasting is required for USG abdomen, but not necessary for USG pelvis. Scans are repeated if needed after voiding the bladder.

X-rays are not recommended for anyone who is pregnant or who has done a similar X-ray in the past 3 months.

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